Samhain – Suburbanites returning to the land.

When they asked me if we’d be alright without a TV, I just laughed. I can’t stand those things.

Nothing beats the sound of this rain on the metal roof, anyway. Its rained more than usual these past two weeks. I’m just thankful its not snow–there’s still quite a few projects to be wrapped up before winter visits us. There’s yet more firewood to be gathered and cut up and stacked, leaves to be raked and distributed over the garden, not to mention all the indoor stuff–unpacking, setting up the art area, and yet not totally settling in because we’ve no idea how long we’ll be here.

Its such a wonderful opportunity. An amazing experience. We are out here in the country, plenty of food and firewood… Though I wouldn’t mind a few more art supplies, but therein lies another challenge to make with what I have around me. The excuses that come up when you finally have time to do things, no wonder I haven’t created in so long!

So, there’s the purpose of this blog: me, making the conscious intention to create. I have an imaginary audience called “the internet,” but really this blog is for myself. In fact, its a little intimidating to think anyone may look at what I’m doing, but at the same time its so very encouraging (especially with interaction.) I will include bits of things that I and my partner create, as well as little bits of our life out here where you hear groups of wild coyotes at night, and find deer carcasses ripped apart across the lawn–a leg here, a backbone and pelvis there, a long length of fur… grisly, and commonplace.  So, here we go.



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