Birthday cake.

Its gluten-free! I got the recipe out of "How Can it Be Gluten Free" by America's Test Kitchen. All around, super awesome book for gluten-free cooking of all sorts. We've made the chicken pot pie (aka Gone in Minutes...), biscuits, and some really remarkable pie crust, which we then turned into pumpkin pie. YUM. Now, … Continue reading Birthday cake.


Tucked away in Ferry County, on New Year’s Eve.

A cheery approach, christmas lights in the outdoor lot, the back entrance. We crunch through the snow, eager for a tasty brew and laughter. Located in a little old town..definitely off the beaten path..lies a place that pours heaven into a cup! ┬áRepublic Brewing Company sits nestled in Republic Washington where the deer hang out … Continue reading Tucked away in Ferry County, on New Year’s Eve.