Birthday cake.

Its gluten-free! I got the recipe out of “How Can it Be Gluten Free” by America’s Test Kitchen. All around, super awesome book for gluten-free cooking of all sorts. We’ve made the chicken pot pie (aka Gone in Minutes…), biscuits, and some really remarkable pie crust, which we then turned into pumpkin pie. YUM.

Now, here is a cake I made for my partner’s birthday. It is supposed to imitate a yellow cake.

So, first, gotta make the cakes in two pans: SAMSUNG CSC

And… now, how will we make icing? We live about half an hour (one way…) from the nearest store. I look around the house and try to piece something together. Here’s what I came up with:

Chocolate chips (large milk chocolate ones mixed half with semi-sweet chips)
Like my double boiler? Yeah, its a pot inside a bigger pot of water. It worked really well, actually, and thank-you-very-much. It needed a little something more, so I took a huge scoop of something called Coconut Manna for richness, and then I opened one of those little cans of coconut milk, and scooped out the fatty part at the top. The oil part (the other 85% of the can) I saved for something else (like adding richness to rice!)


It poured on a little runny, but after I let it “set up” in a cold room, it was literally the best icing I’ve ever made. Oh man, was it perfect!



Happy freaking birthday!



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