Step 2: clean and paint that bus!

So, what have we been doing since the last post? Other than enjoying our adorable doggies?     1. Removing things that are in our way, and cleaning. This includes the propane water heater, all the vinyl flooring and the screws which-will-not-be-turned (turn, damn you!), the driver's seat, the instrument/electronic panel and all its little … Continue reading Step 2: clean and paint that bus!


New Project: Living Space: Bus.

Well, the opportunity presented itself, and we were fortunate enough to be able to capture it. We bought a bus! Its a 1989 GMC B6000, with a Wayne chassis. The engine is a Chevrolet 454 V8, 6.0L (366 cubic inches), with an Allison transmission. It is considered a medium duty vehicle. I'm beyond stoked! Plus, … Continue reading New Project: Living Space: Bus.

WWOOFing Part 5: Worm Bin Construction and an Introduction to Vermicompost

Yes. A millions times yes, and we are working on one now!

Another Walk in the Park

As part of a contract job, my WWOOF host Jonathan was requested to design and construct a worm bin composting system and to document the process for a blog post. Worms are excellent composters and soil builders; the worm castings they create (also known as vermicompost) are nutrient-dense and wonderful soil conditioners. In addition, the liquid “compost tea” that is produced can be drained from the bottom of the compost and is outstanding in its ability to suppress fungus as well as being a perfect low-strength fertilizer for seedlings.

The small-scale worm bin system we constructed is perfect for composting kitchen scraps and can even be kept indoors. We built a two bin design in order to be able to easily harvest the compost out of one bin by drawing the worms to the other bin with food though a simpler one bin design is more common and may be…

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