Cedar “X” style fence.

So, now we are building a fence to enclose an upper pasture.
The reason this fence style was chosen is to that it will rot away in the future, rather than leave dangerous barbed wire all over the place (humans are so inconsiderate…!)



So, here we are, tons of cedar posts ready to be chiseled! We notch them so they fit together, and then put a 1/2″ by 6″ lag bolt in the middle, after predrilling a hole with a nifty manual drill device acquired in a thrift store for $2.

Lots of hard work, but so incredibly satisfying! Its ‘eco,’ especially considering these cedar posts were just “found.” As in, loggers chopped them all down, delimbed them, and left them to rot far up in the woods. At least they’re going to good use. (If this bothers you, considering getting involved in protecting our forests ’cause I tell ya, there’s not a single “old” tree left, except MAYBE in a national park.


As of now, we have built thirty-five ‘X’s, and there are many more to go. I’m very excited to see the fence after its finished; the natural material looks phenomenal up on the hills!



Well, that’s all for now. Back to work!!!



3 thoughts on “Cedar “X” style fence.

    • Thanks, Jim! There’s three exceptional women up on this mountain now. We are gettin’ stuff done, that’s for sure!
      Some exciting things coming up in the future: goats, sheep, guineas, and chickens!
      Horse training! Wild harvesting! And of course, more progress pictures with skoolie rennovations.


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