Interior paint–its a wonderful thing.

After installing the floor, I took the opportunity to add a little cheery flair in the form of a green stripe.
We will eventually get to painting the ceiling a lovely “true turquoise,” again, for cheer. Need to break up all these greys!



We did both sides, all the way down. It vibes well with all the plants in here!



Davey Jones approves.


Okay, coming up next, we’ve got Wood Stove Installtion, and Building a Wall + Doors, as well as the exterior paint job we did for our bus. Lots of catching up to do, but I’m eager to share.

The paint used was Glidden from WalMart (don’t be hatin’). I found it 50% off; so the gallon was like $11. It worked very well; says it has primer included. It stuck well to the metal and a few months later, still no peeling or bubbling or anything. I did two coats in most places, just for color fastness. One coat looked a little splotchy.


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