New Skin to Birtha NewWorld (Painting the Bus)


So, we found an RV park that would take us, but the stipulation was to get that beast painted. We probably went a little further than expected, but when you’re in a skoolie, it can’t hurt to look fancy-fresh.

After a little local research, we found this to be the best all-around paint to use:


Its affordable, and “farm tough.” Just what we’re looking for. Also, with the inclement weather setting in (that is, the rain we’ve needed all year!), this paint has great adherance standards. They do really push that surface preparation is the most important aspect of a long-lasting, protective paint job. We did the best we could, but this was another under-the-wire job, so we started slappin’ it on whenever it stopped raining.

Stir it first; there is a great deal of separation; you’ll want to use something serious, like a paint mixer attachment with a drill. Mix it until it looks good enough, then mix it about 3 minutes longer.


Another thing that attracted me to this paint is that it can be applied with brush and roller. I had been considering using a paint sprayer, and had even lined up the equipment, but when I found this Van Sickle paint I thought, heck, save the trouble and money and just go with this implementation/tractor paint.


So, here’s what we’re starting with:
(And I did fix that window; the latch broke; I used something like a dentist’s tooth pick to grab the spring inside and disengage the latch so I could close the window and remove that foam insulation.)


Here we go:


This “light ford grey” come off as white. However, I tend to think of it as the skies of the pacific northwest! (Frequently cloudy, y’know?)

Its time to add the green. This is like the lushy, ferny, mossy deliciousness that is the groundwork of the Pacific Northwest (specifically west of the Cascade mountains.)


We used Van Sickle’s “medium green,” which is the darkest green they offer. Its a little brighter than is ideal, but I take it a sign of life. Just bursting!


Gotta love the constant rain. It really made the project drag out, and we had to do “touch ups” after the first coat was dry.

We achieved that sweet two-tone line with masking tape. Its still attached in the first pic, removed in the second:


I took it all off so excitedly that Kristy had no time to grab the camera. But it turned out pretty awesome considering this whole project cost us under $100. Pretty close to it, actually.


Kristy went around with the razor blade and scraped the excess paint off the windows. You could also tape around the windows, but I find it is way faster to get a razor-scraper tool from the local auto parts store (about $3-4) and use the razor on the glass. This tool is sold at the auto store for scraping gaskets off of metal.



The pups are stoked for the new adventure, and so are we!


The paint has been holding up very well. Writing this, its been about two months since painting, and even in the less than ideal conditions, there is no peeling or flaking. I’m very pleased, and I think our bus looks sweet! Grey sky and green ground.



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